Thursday, 21 February 2013

Happy Birthday to me...

I know this is a 'beauty blog', however it was an inevitability that some fashion would creep in at some point and it certainly did not take me that long! So here goes with the first fashion related post:

I decided to treat myself to these beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes last week as a birthday present to myself. They were far too much to ask for from anyone else and I've desperately been coveting a pair like these for years!

I ventured to Selfridge's straight from university and took the plunge! I'm a real planner, so I rang ahead before hand to make sure they had the pair I was after - I did actually ring Harrods first but turns out they have a dire amount of Louboutins there as they are having a bit of a shift around in store or something. Glad I called, I would have hated to make my way over there excited and then for them not to have them in stock.

I didn't realise, but they have far more choice in store than they do on the Christian Louboutin UK site. Well, in the simple pump style shoes anyway.

I went for the nude in the end. I was initially going to get black but I decided they didn't 'pop' enough for the amount of money they were and was pleasantly surprised by their nude pumps. It's very difficult to find the perfect nude colour. I think everyone has a different version of what they think nude is!

I am determined to get my moneys worth with these bad boys, I've already worn them twice and they are comfortable. I got the 85mm platform heels, so they're not a crazy height. I wanted a pair that could transition from day to night and these have definitely fit the bill. I was also pleasantly surprised that they were true to size, I had read a lot online and thought that I would have to purchase a larger size. I am normally a size 6 UK (39 European) and that size in the Christian Louboutin shoes fit just fine. However, I would definitely recommend anyone thinking of buying a pair to go to your closest store and try them on first because I am sure that sizing can vary and its not worth the risk. Plus, it is lovely to spend a day getting lost in Selfridges!



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