Wednesday, 20 February 2013

MiNX Birthday Nails

I had my nails done at my Mum's salon the morning of my 21st birthday party (Friday 15th February) as I had a party for it that evening.

I am a massive fan of all things nail-related and wanted an extra 'pop' to celebrate, so I went for some stunning gold MiNX!

I had countless compliments on my nails over the weekend so I know I definitely made the right choice. I can see why Beyonce is always wearing them on her hands now!

There are a few downfalls to having MiNX on the hands though. It may seem obvious, but they do not last anywhere near as long on the hands as they do on the feet. I took mine off after a couple of days, whereas on the toes they have literally lasted me months before - I had to take them off eventually because they had become outgrown, the actual MiNX stickers were still in perfect shape though! They are also just generally more comfortable on the toes as well, I find I don't feel the urge to fiddle with them as much as I did when I had them on my fingers.

But overall I am still in love with MiNX, they are absolutely fantastic. A must have for anyone who wants to stand out and feel extra special for a certain occasion.


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