Saturday, 30 March 2013

OPI Obsession!

This post has been soo delayed, apologies!

As I mentioned previously, one of the best things about going to the Professional Beauty Exhibition each year is the big stands like OPI.

OPI in particularly is always uber busy, but definitely worth the hustle and bustle to get my hands on a few 'must have' shades.

I am such a freak that I always go onto their website before hand or into my Mum's salon to see what is new from OPI and plan my purchases! Although this most of the time goes straight out of the window and I make a tonne of impulse purchases. The total this time, 9 nails lacquers, OOPS!

I definitely wanted to get a couple from the Mariah Carey collection, I have been admiring the liquid sand nail polishes for months so I got two! I bought 'Stay The Night' a dark red/black colour and 'Can't Let Go' a gorgeous lilac. The great thing about these is that they are glitter nail polishes with a twist, they dry matte! Not the biggest innovation in nail polish land, but certainly a must try/must have.

I also bought 'Pink Yet Lavender', a beautiful glitter from the Mariah Carey collection. Having seen it at my Mum's salon I knew I wanted one of those too.
A similar glitter polish I bought was '' from the new Euro Centrale collection. This instantly caught my eye. I absolutely love glittery/sparkley nails and this was a colour combination I've never had before.

As lovely as these colours are I just wish glitter nail polishes were easier to get off. Not that it stops me from buying or wearing them mind you, just a little niggle of mine!

Other colours I bought were 'Moon Over Mumbai', 'You're Such A Budapest' (also from the Euro Centrale collection), 'Don't Touch My Tutu', 'Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok! Fine!', and 'Number One Nemesis'.

My collection is growing and growing! I might do a total collection post when I can wrangle all of my colours together!

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