Friday, 24 May 2013

Marks and Spencer's Beauty Department

I had been hearing for quite some time that Marks and Spencer was going to expand their beauty section to include everything from make up, to fragrance to hair products. Having googled the range online (I always pre-google before I shop these days!) I had to see it for myself. So after an exam at university I headed to the enormous M&S at the Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre on the way home.


I knew it would be a vast improvement, but nothing could have prepared me for it! Now, I am well aware how dramatic it sounds, its just a beauty section in a store that tends sell clothes that (although are still lovely and of good quality) are often for a slighter older market of the population, but honestly, WOW!

I was surprised to see that M&S had taken the effort to get in brands that are hard to find on the high street - notably REN Skincare, which I have taken a shine to! See my review of a couple of REN products here

Although their skincare ranges were fantastic, for me, the fragrances were my favourite part of the new Beauty department. There was a great range, at ever greater prices! I picked up this; it has a vanilla-ry sweet scent, not too disimilar to my favourite Laura Mercier Vanilla Gourmande Perfume. But the great thing is, it is double the size (100ml), half the price (£22.50) and an eu de parfum! Could I ask for more?! If a sweet vanilla scent is not your cup of tea, there are several to choose from within this range, and several other ranges within the department that are also great value.

I have found a new everyday scent, that I don't feel guilty about using generously. I have already received so many compliments on it and the quality of the product is amazing; it lasts for hours. I'm seriously considering stocking up before M&S realise its such a steal...

I also picked up this, a cocoa butter and vanilla bath foam for a £1! Admittedly, on the odd occasion I take a bath (I do wash - I just normally prefer showers!) I use something quite special like a bath bomb or Laura Mercier products that are a favourite of mine. However, it is always handy to have something as a back up, or just to add extra bubbles! It was a typical till-side purchase!

Overall, I am so impressed with M&S, its a store I will definitely be visiting more with the addition of their great beauty department!

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