Thursday, 22 August 2013

In La La Land...


I wanted to write a quick post to apologise for the recent lack of content on here. I'm not really sure how many people read my little blog anyway, but in case you're one of the lovely people who do... apologies!

I have been in a little world of my own (la la land!) and have honestly just not got around to it. Besides, I don't like to force myself to blog. As soon as it starts to feel unnatural and like a chore its not something I would want to use my spare time to do, therefore, I have made myself blog during these past couple busy weeks I have had!

While I can't claim to have been on holiday or anything like that, I have just been enjoying my time outside of my job, catching up with all of the people in my life that may not be quite as available when university starts back for them in September. 

I will be back blogging in the near future, I won't guarantee a time; it may be in a couple of days or maybe another week or two. But I can assure you, I am still loving beauty, writing and all of the rest of it, just taking a very welcome break for the time being!


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