Tuesday, 15 October 2013

OPI Gelcolor Step by Step

Seeing as I'm always tweeting and instagramming about how much I love OPI Gelcolor, I thought it would be a good idea to write a little something about it. Last time I had them done I took photographs so I could fill you in on exactly how it's done.

Gelcolor by OPI is a soak off gel. It claims to be a 2 week manicure (although I have had it last for 3 weeks!), and is far kinder to your nails than any acrylic or older gel manicures. I am very fortunate that my Mum actually has a beauty salon at which I get mine done: www.anotherlevelmedispa.com

Here is what you can expect:

First (if you already have Gelcolor on your nails): A soak off is required

The top layer of the gels are buffed off, a cotton pad soaked in soak off solution is then placed on top of the nails and they are then individually wrapped in foil.

Above: The top layer of my old gels buffed over for an easier soak off. 

Above: All wrapped up!

These are left on for about 10 minutes; however, a longer amount of time is usually required for the new glitter colours in the range.

Second: The nails are prepared for re-application. This includes, tending to the cuticles, reshaping and buffing the nails.Your natural nails are lightly buffed to remove any shine from them, this ensures the gel is better placed on the nail and therefore lasts longer.

Once this is done, the nails are sanitised and OPI's Bond Aid is used to provide the perfect base.

Third: Application. This normally involves four coats, which are 'cured' under an LED light. LED light cures the gel much faster than traditional UV lights. One coat may take 30 seconds to cure under an LED light, whereas the same coat may take up to 2 minutes using the UV equivalent. 

Base Coat (cured for 1 minute)

2 Coats of Colour (I chose 'A good mandarin', a lovely red/orange colour) (cured for 30 seconds per coat)

And then a Top Coat to seal the manicure (cured for 1 minute)

Fourth (and finally): The nails are wiped with nail polish remover (or a particular solution) that takes of any residue on the nails, they are instantly dry - a very handy bonus! And then a cuticle oil and hand cream is applied for soft and well-nourished hands and nails.

And voila! Your Gelcolor manicure is done! I could not recommend these highly enough, they last so well and do minimal (if any) damage to your natural nails.

Here are some of my favourite Gelcolor manicures that I have had:


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  1. I love gel nails! I use the idb kit which is a lot cheaper, maybe doesn't have as good staying power as OPI as I have never tried them but I love the clean polished look. Defo going to add some glitters to the mix!




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