Sunday, 15 December 2013

Evening Stroll | Mac Casual Lip & Cheek Colour

I purchased this little beauty on my trip to Florida last month. As I have an inordinate amount of cosmetics, I can only usually justify a new purchase if it is either, a brand new product or a colour/shade that is different from anything else I currently own. This product's justification was the latter!
I am already a fan of the Mac Lip + Cheek colours in terms of their colour pay off, the way they feel on my skin and how long they last.
I was immediately drawn to the colour (called 'Evening Stroll') as it is so different to anything I've ever had; for blusher at least, I was already partial to a purple lip colour! 
After blending, it leaves a really beautiful, healthy colour on the cheeks - not something you expect from something that looks so purple! These little multi-functional products are perfect for the handbag. I'm finding that I am packing mine every time I stay away from home; why pack a lipstick and a blush when you can pack one item for both!? A well-justified purchase indeed....

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