Sunday, 19 January 2014

Coloured Eyeliner… Not just for parties!

When I'm in a little make up 'funk' - which can quite easily become the case during a gloomy January - I find that a different colour of eyeliner can really do the trick. 

I'm not talking glitters or really garish tones, I mean colours that can work for anyone, any time of day, as a fresh addition to a classic face. A little of any of these colours in the waterline can work wonders.

At the moment I am really loving Maybelline's Master Khol in Ultra Violet. It is really dark, a few shades away from black, but the purple catches the light and really illuminates any eye look.

Bronzes are great for an instant pick me up but also nude/white eyeliners are a really simple way of making your eyes appear wider and fresher.

Do you have a make up trick like this that you use for a quick pick me up? If so, let me know!

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