Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Yes to Grapefruits Daily Scrub

I picked up this little gem a couple of months ago while I was on holiday in Florida. I had seen variations of this brand before (Yes to Carrots, Yes to Cucumbers etc) but hadn't taken the plunge and tried anything.
I hadn't brought any kind of exfoliator on holiday with me, so it was the perfect excuse to try something new!
This daily scrub is great! It really does seem to brighten and refresh, as well as give a nice good scrub of course! 

I'm not totally convinced that this would be a good product for people with sensitive skin; it has quite a grainy texture which may be too harsh on certain skin types. 

But overall I'm certainly impressed. The pricing of the brand is very reasonable, this was $9.99. So I'm definitely going to be on the look out for more products from them. There is a limited range of these products available on ASOS.


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