Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bedroom Inspiration

I've been wanting to update my bedroom for the longest time. I moved into the house I currently live in when I was 15 and the room wasn't exactly a teenager's dream bedroom. Don't get me wrong, my Mum did a fab job of doing it, it is full of beige and brown tones and really sophisticated. But as lovely as it is, it was not exactly a girl's dream bedroom. I've never been too fussed about changing it. It was so exciting when it was brand new, and then before I knew it I was off to uni. But now I am back and living here for the foreseeable future (it will be a while until I can actually afford to have my own house!), I thought it was the perfect time to give it a little spruce up this Spring. I was particularly inspired by Lily Pebbles' recent video. There are a lot of purse-friendly offerings on the high street.

So having surfed the internet for ideas, here are a few things that jumped out to me.

1. Coffee cushion - BHS - £12.00
2. Cream vintage Paris bed lined - Dunhelm - From £14.99
3. Bunting cushion cover - Dunhelm - £5.99
4. Soft Duck Egg Throw - BHS - £20.00
5. Illuminated canvas - Not On The High Street - £54.95
6. Hanging star with lights - Not On The High Street - £24.95
7. Glass vase heart - Not On The High Street - £14.00
8. Jewellery hooks - Not On The High Street - £17.00
9. Letter clock - Not On The High Street - £28.00

You can see a little bit of a theme, a lot of this stuff is from Not On The High Street, after stumbling upon the website I just loved how much choice there is and how cool so much of the stuff on there is! Definitely a website to visit for creative ideas!

Overall I really just want to brighten things up in my room. Switch out all of the chocolate/brown hues for much brighter creams and pastel green/blue tones.

I will do a before and after post on my bedroom so you can see what things I decide to actually include in my refreshed bedroom. There isn't going to be heaps of change, the wall colours will remain neutral (at the moment I have two cream walls and two brown, I'll be painting them all to be cream to brighten my room up) and seeing as most of my bedroom furniture is fitted, that won't be shifted around much at all. So the main change will be seen in accessories and I'm excited to see how much of a difference some small changes can make!

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  1. I love the BHS cushion and throw! I recently moved out and I'm still looking for accessories, I'll have to have a look in BHS. The one near me isn't great so I might have a browse online :)


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