Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Brush Everyone Needs In Their Collection

New make up brushes are always cropping up on the market these days. Although I do have firm favourites, like the Real Techniques buffing brush and the MAC 239 brush, there is one that I deem completely irreplaceable. It's the Bobbi Brown eye brow brush.

Why this brush? Well, as much as I love the fact that more and more brands are bringing out brushes for brows, none of them have quite hit the mark for me. The edge that the Bobbi Brown eye brow brush has over others is that it has stiffer bristles, meaning that powder is evenly dispersed and the brows are groomed along the way! I find that with softer brushes you have to work more to create an even, groomed look. The Bobbi Brown brush on the other hand is a dream!

I'm not particularly loyal to any powder to fill my brows in with, there are a number that I have liked using. Brows for me are all about the brush. Admittedly, at £22, the brush is a bit of an investment. But mine has lasted me 3 years and is still going strong! I just need to get my hands on a mini version for on the go now! 

Is there a brush you can't live without?


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