Monday, 26 May 2014

The Best Brush for Liquid/Cream Blush!

I've finally discovered it! The best brush for all blush formulas other than powder. I know many people who use the Real Techniques stippling brush for foundation and a few who have used it for cream blush, but I never realised just how much I was missing it from my brush collection.

I've never really had a dedicated brush for cream or liquid blushers before, I've generally blended with my fingers or any brush I have lying around (normally the Real Techniques contour brush!). So why is the Real Techniques stippling brush so good for cream/liquid blush?

The main reason is the pure fact that the bristles aren't too dense. This allows product to be buffed in for a more airbrushed and very natural effect. It also has the perfect sized brush head to apply the right amount of blush to the apples of my cheeks. 
(wearing a light amount of the Guerlain liquid Terracotta blush)

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  1. Perfect timing on this post for me! I've just started using cream blush, and I love it, but have been searching for THE brush. Thanks so much for this!


    Amber Ablaze


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