Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Samsung NX Mini: My New Vlogging Camera!

I've finally decided to jump on the vlogging bandwagon. Of course, I already have my own youtube channel that I upload regular videos to. But I wanted something more portable than my DSLR so I could do the more 'out and about' style of videos. Shopping for a camera is no easy task. With so many nifty little cameras on the market, where do you start?!
So after copious amounts of reading/watching reviews online, this is what I chose; the Samsung NX Mini. It only launched in April so I really had to root around to find out as much information about it as I could. It was between this and the Canon Powershot S120. What swayed it for me was the fact that the Samsung has a flip up screen so I am able to see exactly what I'm recording.
Known as the 'selfie camera', the NX Mini is super cute. Really slim, lightweight and has interchangeable lenses - extremely rare for a camera of its size. It comes in four different colours, I opted for white because I really like the colour and it happened to be a fair bit cheaper than the other options.
The video recording is amazing, not the choppy auto focus that I have with my DSLR. Lots of different shooting modes, and most importantly HD 1080p capability. I never end up taking my chunky DSLR anywhere but this is very handbag friendly.
First impressions? I'm over the moon! This camera retails for £399 but I got mine from DigitalRev for £250. So it is an investment, I better make sure I get use out of it. Which I'm sure I will!
So keep an eye out on my channel because I will be out and about (when my life is interesting enough!) with this bad boy!



  1. Which DSLR camera do you use?

  2. I'm so glad I've seen this post, I've just bought this camera and then couldn't find much on it and was worried. Your blog and Youtube are lovely! xxxxx

  3. I'm am so glad I found your youtube channel, I watched you're first ever vlog whilst I was there (along with a fair few others :-P) which has convinced me 100% to put in an order for this camera, from there I found your blog, and I'm loving it :-) xxxxx

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