Sunday, 22 June 2014

Nails of the Moment #6

This edition's colour offering is a cute pink/lavender combination. I haven't painted my nails with glitter for quite some time - bad memories of the hassle of removing it! But I wanted a splash of shimmer so I decided to whip out a gorgeous glitter I have in my stash but hadn't actually got round to using yet. It's OPI's Pink Yet Lavender, a really beautiful glitter. I popped two coats of it over the top of No.7's Lucky Lilac nail polish, which is a stunning shade in its own right too. Pink Yet Lavender is a great glitter to use over the top of coloured polishes as it lets through a fair bit of colour, so colour combinations can be very different; I reckon it would look good over the top of greys and silvers too! I really like No.7 nail polishes, the brush applicators are a great size, really easy to use and they have a beautiful range of shades. Plus, those handy Boots No.7 vouchers that we all get at the till point can be used on them, so they are quite the bargain!
I actually forgot to take a picture of my nails when I did them so this picture was taken this morning, when I painted my nails 7 days ago. I'm very impressed with the lasting power of these two, but I will be attempting to remove this once I'm done writing this post (wish me luck!) and try a colour that is very new to my stash, stay tuned for that!

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