Thursday, 26 June 2014

Video: Benefit's they're real! push up liner

I've been dying to put this video up for the longest time and I finally can! This product is tipped to be the 'game changing' product of the beauty industry. In this video, I tell you what all of the hype is about and show you just how easy it is to apply.
The liner is £18.50 and the new remover is £14.50 and they are available nationwide on Saturday 28th June. Let me know what you think and whether you'll be heading out to get the first ever lash-hugging gel liner pen!

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  1. Hey love,
    great review and demo, have seen it in Boots a few times now, and have found myself so soo close to purchasing, I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to be able to hold that urge too much longer!


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