Monday, 14 July 2014

Bronze Week: Cream Shadows

This week is 'bronze week'. It's the first time I've ever had a week theme on Girl on Beauty and I couldn't think of anything more appropriate for this time of year than something that revolved around all things bronze. So everyday this week, expect a new post on group of products that are bronze-toned in colour, or best compliment bronze make up. First up, we have cream shadows! Below I've listed what they all are. These are all great shades that I wear either on their own or layer powder shadows over the top of for a more intense and/or more long-wearing eye make up.

Benefit birthday suit (the small round pot in the bottom left corner) - This is a great, 'cooler' shade of bronze. Definitely a staple in my make up bag, especially because it is cute mini size! The formula of the Benefit cream shadows are really great, somewhere between the Bobbi Brown and the MAC ones in my opinion, they aren't given enough hype to be honest! 

Benefit my two cents (top left corner) - a really beautiful golden bronze shade, again in that great Benefit formula. A little of this buffed out screams summer! These retail for £15.50 and are so worth it in my opinion because you get so much product that they will last you or such a long time.

Dior Eye Gloss - I can't actually find a shade name for this (fail!), but this eye gloss from Dior is a beautiful warm browny/bronze. It is a very light formula, the lightest of all of the products featured in this post actually. The colour is much softer and the colour pay off is also not as intense, it gives a great wash of pigment and glitter but is relatively subtle. I love to use this when I want a more natural bronzed make up and can rely on it to last all day. These retail for £20.00.

Rimmel Scandaleyes in Rich Russet - this shade is fairly similar to birthday suit from Benefit, it is more on the brown side than the gold side of bronze. I really love the application of these, the wand makes them so easy to apply. Although I do prefer to buff them out with a brush, it is not completely necessary, so this always finds its way into my make up bag.

Rimmel Scandaleyes in Golden Bronze - the more golden of the two eye paints I have from Rimmel, Golden Bronze is so warm and compliments my skin toned really well. Again, this shade buffs out nicely but can also be painted on with the applicator for a coat of bronzed-toned perfection! These retail for £4.99.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadows in Beach Bronze and Burnished - I'll talk about these two together as it is the same old 'one browny/bronze (beach bronze) and one golden bronze (burnished)'. These were the first cream shadows that I fell in love with. They are the most rich in texture of any that I have used, perfect for layering powder shadows over the top as they literally don't budge. The colour pay off is amazing with these and they also last really well as a little goes a long way and there is a fair amount of product in the pot. These retail for £19, which is on the pricey side, but are well worth it in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed the first 'Bronze Week' post! Check back here tomorrow for the next instalment. 


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  1. Lovely post and theme week idea! I really need to check out the benefit cream shadows :)
    xo, Nichelle


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