Sunday, 13 July 2014

Nails of the Moment #8

 (Left: Key Lime, Right: Kiwi)
These two colours featured in my recent beauty haul video. I couldn't decide which one to wear first, so  I wore both! This was the first time I'd ever used the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail paints, having heard so much about them and seeing them in the videos of some of my favourite bloggers, I knew they would one day make their way into a shopping basket of mine. These shades are awesome and actually work really well together.
The best thing I found about these polishes is just how easy they are to apply and apply well. I found that they were very smooth, not streaky, and even though the brush on these are smaller than I normally like, they allowed me to give an even coat of colour on my nails with minimal effort.
As for the wear, I did find that after about three days I saw a few more imperfections than I have on the other polishes I have tested recently. There were a couple of cracks and some chipping. However, this may have something to do with the fact that my nails are slightly longer at the minute, which usually means that they are a bit weaker (and therefore more prone to chipping).
The Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nails paints are £3.99 each, which is amazing for what you get in my opinion. Yes, I have experience some slight chipping quite early on, but the colour range is great and the application is seemingly fool proof as it is so easy. I'll be giving them a go again when my nails aren't quite so weak/long so I can see if there is a change in lasting power.

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