Monday, 7 July 2014

When 2 Becomes 4

(Left to right: Peach Club, Hot Pepper, Ole Flamigo, Pink Pong)
Well I knew this wouldn't take long! After getting two of these and absolutely loving them, I simply could not resist picking up two more. The formula of them is just amazing. Finally a matte lip product that does not dry my lips out at all and are stunningly highly pigmented.

If you want a little bit more detail on these, see my original blog post on them HERE. I just thought I would do a little post to update you on my current collection of these. Considering these are from a 'drugstore' brand, they are up there with my top high end lip products. Bourjois has really upped their game with the release of these, the formulation and the packaging are just top notch.
I can't recommend these highly enough, so if you were not sure whether these are for you, I hope this has helped you to decide!

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  1. All the shades are incredible! I'm intrigued to try the first one! Till now I have the darkest red shade from the line, so it's appropriate for autumn/winter! I have a post in this too! :)


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