Saturday, 2 August 2014

Summer Nails: The Shades You Need!

If you're new around these parts, you may not know that I have a recurring post called 'Nails of the Moment' where I chat about what is currently on my nails. Having road tested a fair few different polishes recently, I thought it was time (before Summer has sailed by completely!) to give you a run down on some shades that are a must-have this season. Below you'll find a list of the shades with their corresponding 'Nails of the Moment' post; I thought that would be the best way to give you all the information you need without one bulky post!

Nails Inc Polish, Optic Wave - stay tuned for a post on this. Detail of the amazing offer that spurred me to buy it can be found HERE. But what I can tell you that the colour is insanely eye-catching and guarantee to get you at least a compliment or two!

No.7 Stay Perfect Polish, Crave Me - I also haven't done a post for this one. But in short, the No.7 polishes are fab! There's always a voucher for No.7 knocking about at Boots, so next time you have one, take advantage and try out a polish. This shade is an awesome, vibrant orangey red.


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