Monday, 25 August 2014

The Week in Instagrams #1

Well that was speedy! Another week gone, another load of snaps posted. I thought my little blog was overdue a new recurring piece, and an instagram round up seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Expect these to arrive (hopefully) each week. There's often things that go up on my account that don't get mentioned on the blog so I thought a round up would be quite a nice way for everything to gel.
So this week involved lots of working and a trip to Dublin! I had never been before so I was really excited to pop over there and help support our lovely Irish team at the Ultimate Girls Day Out - there'll be a vlog winging its way onto my youtube channel in the next few days. Big shout out the amazing chocolate orange cupcake I had from Johnnies cupcakes, which I hear is quite popular over there (I can definitely see why!).
I also got to visit the Dublin Benefit boutique, which is literally every girl's dream. Set in the heart of Dublin in the most beautiful building, stay tuned for a video tour of that in the upcoming vlog too.
It wouldn't be a real trip the airport without a cheeky duty free purchase. This one came in the form of a much-coveted Clarin's instant light lip perfector. More will be coming on that too, but let's just say, I now know what all the hype is about and it's totally justified!
And lastly, is the picture on the bottom left. I can't be the only one who wanders around department stores and takes note (and pictures!) of brands I haven't heard about before right? Anyone heard of Organic Glam? I'm interested, let me know what you guys think if you've tried their products before.

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