Sunday, 10 August 2014

You Should Always Shop Your Stash…

So a few weeks ago I decided to go gel-free on my nails. Naturally, this meant that I had an excuse to treat myself to a few new nail polishes. One particular shade I had a hankering for was yellow, but I made the rookie mistake of not shopping my stash before hand! In the picture above, you can see the beautiful Bourjois nail polish I got (the one in the middle), it was only after I got it home and popped it on that I realised I already had two very similar shades in my collection, oops! While I'm still glad I tried out the Bourjois shade, as someone who has a rather pricey holiday coming up next month, it has reminded me of the importance of checking what I have already before I whip out the debit card in Superdrug!

At least I know that I am sorted for yellow nails for the next year at least!

Have you ever made this mistake before or are you more savvy than me and always check your collection before you shop?

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