Monday, 22 September 2014

The Week in Instagrams #3

Life has been like a whirlwind recently! The past week has seen me travel to Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and London for the very exciting Brow Tour with Benefit - expect a vlog of that crazy time up on my youtube channel soon. So I'm certainly all browed out, not to mention the sweet treats along the way were definitely worth remembering! 

The week's video was a makeup routine using all Benefit products (you can see that HERE). I'm actually thinking of starting a series of these, using makeup from one brand to create a look. Let me know if you have a preference for what I should do next, if I have the products, I'll do it! 

So after such a mad week, it was time for a chilled weekend. I actually felt pretty under the weather on Saturday, so that was a day to just slob out on the sofa and feel a little sorry for myself. Sunday I felt a bit better, so I ventured out in my oh so comfortable asics, and although in the end I opted for the conveniently quick shower, there was lots of dreaming about bubbles and bath bombs!


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  1. hey Aaman, please can you do a Bobbi Brown makeup routine cos I'd love to try some of their products, but I'm not sure what would be worth trying! I was thinking about the apricot blusher, so if you have that, please can you use it? thanks lovely xxx


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