Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Week in Instagrams #5

I literally feel like nowadays I could blink and a whole weeks passes. Last week was pretty much your average, except for Tuesday night. I was super lucky to be invited to the Gleam Digital #AsDarknessFalls Halloween party! I went as Cleopatra/Katy Perry from Dark Horse and got to catch up with so many lovely people and got to meet some amazing people including Joe Sugg! Everyone was so nice and the night was fab thanks to Katie Snooks! It's so great to have found a whole new group of friends through my hobby. There'll be some clips from the party in my next vlog.
On my youtube, things are still in NYC mode with part 2 of my vlog going live. The final NYC video (this time a haul) will be going up tomorrow and then I promise it is back to normal scheduling! 
As for work, Benelife is as mad as ever but I wouldn't have it any other way. There are so many exciting things in the pipeline, I still have pinch-me moments sometimes! Not to mention, I'm pretty lucky to have the holy grail of desk accessories; a fab new notebook, a luxurious lip balm and a mac. Instagram worthy indeed!
Other posts included my nails; I love a good manicure. Do you know the feeling you get when you haven't had your brows done in ages and then you get them done and you feel so unbelievably fresh and polished? I feel like that with every manicure, it's an addiction!
And lastly, the margarita. I may not be some crazy clubber out at all hours, but I do appreciate an evening wind-down with the odd homemade cocktail. There were a couple of those evening last week. I may evening be sipping on one while writing this…


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  1. I hope you had a great time at the Gleam party, it looks like it was lots of fun!

    Anoushka xx www.Anoushkaloves.com


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