Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Butter and Scrub

This range from the body shop launched earlier this year. As much as I love the really fruity/sweet scents that The Body Shop has, I knew I'd love this more. It's rich and super luxurious!

I've never disliked body butters, but I've also never been obsessed with them like so many people are. I love a rich body moisturiser, but the fact that body butters are more solid than other creams has normally put me off because I've thought that scooping it out and massaging it into my skin was too much effort. Especially when there are some really good alternatives out there (special nod to Palmer's Cocoa Butter and Laura Mercier Body Souffles). But, after using the Wild Argan Body Butter, I'm pleasantly surprised, this is soo nice to put on after showering and keeps my skin really well-hydrated.

On to the body scrub. Now admittedly, I'm not an avid body scrub user. But when I do use them, I'm a big fan of the ones with oil in as they exfoliate the skin but inject a lot of moisture in at the same time. That's exactly what this one from the Wild Argan range does. And of course, it has that great scent too!

Both retail for £13, but as a lot of you will know, there's always an offer to be had at The Body Shop some I'm sure you can get even better value for your money.

So if you are buying for yourself or as a gift, this range does a great job, is purse-friendly and very easy on the nose, I say go for it!


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  1. I must try these! They look gorgeous x


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