Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Nails of the Moment #16 & #17

Another double whammy! Although the uber-glittery talons featured in the above photo have been and gone, I couldn't do a Nails of the Moment post without mentioning them. Yes, the party season may be over, but there was some serious loving for this sparkle that I may well do it again - at any time! So, if you're a regular to these posts, you'll know that this is the work of the fabulous thing that is OPI gel colour. I just went for a straight up glitter, 2 generous coats of Chasing Rainbows, a beautiful multi-coloured glitter. I've always loved glitter on my nails, but never been a fan of the horrible feeling typical nail polishes leave, I could not handle the constant scratchiness and catching on clothes! Gel colour has that all sorted, all the glitter a gal could want, and as smooth as anything!

Onto my current nails, I ventured to the dark side! The OPI favourite of many, Black Cherry Chutney. I hadn't quite gotten over my love for some sparkle just yet so I opted for some gold accents. Now I'm very annoyed with myself because after having spent a load of time going through the OPI website, I can't for the life of me find what the shade is called (bad blogger!), so I'll update this post after I've been to the salon again!

I've got some very exciting things I'm going on the road for with Benefit and the colour scheme is pastel pink/greens - very 1950/60's, so I'm thinking of coordinating my nails accordingly... stayed tuned!

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