Sunday, 15 February 2015

Makeup Mix Up: My New Favourite Base

With my makeup collection ever-expanding, I make a conscious effort to use up the older items in my stash. These two items made it into shopping baskets of mine perhaps a year ago now (if not a little longer!), but have wound up at the bottom of drawer. I liked them at first but then fell out of love with them. I found the L'Oreal CC Cream to be too powdery, and even a little orangey on me - and judging by the comments on, I'm not the only one who has found this with this product! As for the Maybelline Better Skin Foundation, the shade was a teeny bit too fair and I wasn't a fan of the rich consistency of it. So when I pulled them out, I thought they might work quite well together. The colours could mix to get a better shade to suit my skin and the texture of them both could balance out to something much more manageable and comfortable to wear.

And luck was on my side, I was right! I've been popping a drop of each of these on to a buffing brush and working it onto my skin, the results have been fab! It ends up as a medium coverage, healthy-looking base. I'm digging it if you haven't already guessed! So it definitely pays to be a little bit adventurous with your makeup from time to time, if something doesn't work well for you on it's own, maybe it's something that can be combined with another product that you already have...?

So makeup mixology is a great thing, that's the moral of the story. Keep your eyes peeled, you may see more of these types of posts from time to time!

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  1. I do love the Maybelline Better Skin Foundation, one of the best drugstore foundations I've ever tried xx



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