Saturday, 16 May 2015

Launching TODAY: Benefit's License To Blot

At first, I didn't like this product. I'm quite content dusting powder over my face or even using the occasional blotting paper, so I thought, will I really need this? Also, I'm pretty sure you're already thinking this, but I couldn't see how using a stick could blot away oil on my face without interfering with the makeup I'm wearing too much. Boy, was I wrong!

License To Blot is an extension of Benefit's the POREfessional range. The range includes their best-selling primer the POREfessional and their (also best-selling!) powder, Agent Zero Shine - the only loose powder that I have the patience for! I was surprised that I'd taken to having License To Blot in my handbag when I love Agent Zero Shine so much, but that was before I realised the difference between the two.

Agent Zero Shine is great for setting makeup and, as the name would suggest, eliminating shine. License To Blot on the other hand is perfect for blotting away oil on the skin, and does not move your makeup around while doing it, whoop! In reality, you probably could just use Agent Zero Shine for both things, however after using License To Blot, the thought of removing oil from my skin with a brush and powder seems more and more unhygienic and less appealing in all honesty. Surely it's better to use a stick that you can clean with a simple wipe over the top than reusing a brush that will soak it all up? Plus, I always find, the more shiny/oily my skin is, the more likely any kind of powder I place over the top is to look cakey. Don't get me wrong though, my love for powder hasn't gone anywhere, I'm just not using it as my answer to pretty much everything anymore!

License To Blot is £15.50 and is available now at Benefit's website and boutiques. It will be available nationwide on the 30th May. Happy blotting!


  1. This sounds and looks great and less bulky than a powder xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

  2. This sounds amazing what a fab name too x

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  4. Can't wait to try it out:)

  5. This sounds great - I love the Porefessional primer but haven't tried Agent Zero Shine!

    Amy | Get Glam

  6. This sounds really great to have on my desk, ready for that 4 o'clock touch up! :)

  7. I love the look and sound of this product! A great addition to the 'pore' family <3


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