Thursday, 14 May 2015

Throwback Thursday: Benefit Realness of Concealness

You've got to love a Benefit kit! The Realness of Concealness is one of the very first ones I owned. I was actually so gutted to find it at the bottom of a drawer a few weeks ago because I realised how l hadn't used it anywhere near enough as I should have. I've got no idea why, I think it must have genuinely just got lost in the haystack that is my makeup collection!

The kit includes; ooh la lift, lip plump, high beam, boi-ing and lemon aid - a great combination of 'fake-its' as Benefit would call them. The mini sizes are perfect for your on-the-go makeup bag, and they last a lot longer than you'd think!

Although this little gem is no longer available, there are still a great range of kits available at Benefit. Stay tuned for some AWESOME additions at the end of June!

You can shop Benefit kits HERE.


  1. Ah I used to love this kit! I was gutted when the concealer ran out, then my High Beam! I used to wear High Beam on nights out all the time and thought it was the bees knees, and now I've learnt to use it properly, it looks even better on my face and not just a long streaky line haha! I love a good throwback!

  2. Wow what a throwback! I remember my best friend having this and I was so jealous that she had Benefit makeup. Now Benefit seems to have taken over my makeup collection. This is a great post Aaman
    Jenna Suth: Beauty, Fashion and All Things Girly ♥


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