Friday, 15 January 2016

1000 Pictures: My Instagram

This afternoon I posted a picture of JJ. In case you're wondering who that is, it's the adorable build a bear I got for Christmas! Yes, I'm 23 years old. No-one is too old for cuddly toys though, right? Besides, he's got the cutest clothes and smells of STRAWBERRIES. Just like Lots-o'-Huggin' bear from Toy Story, minus the mean streak derived from his serious abondment issues. That poor little bear,,, Anyway, I digress!
After I posted the picture of my new furry friend, I realised that it was in fact my 1000th instagram... say what?!
So when I got home this evening I just thought it was fitting to write a little something on that. I know people say that instagram isn't real life, and quite often, they're right. However, it's made me discover a passion for photography and given me a really fun way to create memories and actually keep them! Yes, my pictures are 99% edited, but if I'm honest, I really don't care that they are enhanced versions of what I was actually looking at when I took the picture. I'm gonna get a little deep here, for me instagram is like art. I'm no drawer, painter and I'm by no means a photography pro, but I love my instagram. Scrolling back through all those snaps gives me a super quick way to remember so many little parts of my life, I'm grateful for it.
Besides, the accomplishment of taking a photo that you think is pretty 'bang on', is great.

In summary, I LOVE instagram. Can you tell?

In case you fancy a new account to follow... Here's mine: @aamanbirk

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