Saturday, 23 January 2016

Cocktails In Dry January?

I've been doing Dry January. Before I go on to talk about these fruity faves of mine from Funkin, I have to confess, I've tripped up three times. *insert monkey covering eyes emoji here* Let's not dwell on it, the good intentions were there and three times in one month compared to how December's drinking went, is a win in itself in my eyes!

Onto Funkin. You may have heard of them before, they make yummy mixers for cocktails and mocktails. I'd only ever had them with alcohol (highly recommended! Post January of course!), so trying them without seemed a little odd to me. However, if it was going to help with the FOMO of not having a proper drink, who am I to say no?

The ingredients say to have 100ml of Funkin and 35ml of lemonade over ice. I've found that is often a little too sweet for me, so I sometimes top the Funkin with soda/tonic water. If I've got some lime to hand, it also makes a nice garnish, presentation is key after all! My favourite is definitely the Brazilian as a mocktail, it's super fruity and tastes just fab. Not going to lie though, I'm holding back the mojito flavour for when I'm not attempting to stay 'dry', that one is just too good to not have with alcohol, trust me.

Have you tried Funkin? It's been tough doing Dry January (evidently!), but having something a little more interesting than just diet coke or a soda water and lime certainly helps!



  1. These sound like such fun and ive got the Strawberry Daiquiri one to try x

  2. Never thought about using these sans-alcohol - what s good idea! Are they loaded with kcals?xax


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