Thursday, 4 February 2016

Time to get into gear, gym gear!

While many of you may have kick-started your gym routines right from the beginning of the year, I'm just about to get going with getting back into working out. Better late than never! 

From July 2014 until November last year, I had the best stint ever of gym going that I'd ever had. I was going 2-3 times a week without fail. That sadly came to an end because I hurt my back pretty bad, to the point I was in tears trying to get out of bed at one point! Unfortunately, with it being the party season too, I allowed it to be a long-running excuse for not keeping as active as I had been. Before I knew it, that had rolled over into the new year and another month has passed. But now I'm ready to jump back on the bandwagon and switch up my routine (being bored with a 'samey' gym routine is the worst), I'm joining a new gym too with more facilities than I had before. That should keep me on my toes!

Anyway, the super lovely people over at one of my all-time favourite gym brands, Sweaty Betty, kindly sent me some new gym wear that I'm super excited to start training in. There's a pair of leggings, they are reversible and uber soft. Big bonus is that they don't slide down my backside like some from other brands I've tried have. There's also a gym bra, again very soft and amazingly supportive without being at all suffocating. And then there's a snazzy gym vest with a built in bra. This is slightly out there for me, I'm generally quite covered up when I go to the gym, however after popping it on it's actually a really great way of wearing something more fashionable at the gym without emphasising those areas I like to keep hidden.

I've always found I work out better when I feel like I look good. It sounds vain, I know. But I'm just more confident and therefore work that bit harder if I don't feel like I look like a blob. So I'd always recommend investing in gym clothes. Not only for that reason but also for the sheer difference in quality, and believe me, there's a massive difference! Brands like Sweaty Betty use materials that hold you in better, perform better and last longer. Your leggings aren't about to turn see-through after a few washes, I've been there... not cute! What's ever better about Sweaty Betty is that a lot of their leggings are reversible. So yes, they are pricier than other options but you're getting two for the price of one essentially, as well as exceptional quality. 

I'd really recommend Sweaty Betty if you're looking at investing in some new workout gear to get you pumped about heading back to the gym, if you excuse the pun! I've honestly not met one person who has bought something from the brand and not raved about it. It's dangerous, you'll be a convert if you're not already. I actually got a gift voucher for Sweaty Betty for Christmas. I'm very excited about this! I've got my eyes on their swimwear and swimming goggles. My new gym has a pool and man I've missed swimming!

Have you found snazzy new gym wear motivates you? I can't be the only one!



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