Friday, 4 March 2016

The Must-Have Collectabrow!

Makeup addicts, rejoice! It's not often there's a chance to snag something truly limited edition from a brand, especially this time of year. So imagine my excitement when we found out at Benetowers that we had a secret stash of the awesome brow books that have been coveted by so many. Being the Year of the Brow and all, we had to make these available on the website. I've given you a run down of just what you need to do to get your hands on one, but get in there quick! Limited, means limited!
The Curious Case of the Brow Dilemmas comes free with any purchase over £65 over on Benefit's website. Add code BROWLOVE to add it to your basket! Please note, this is the empty book, not filled with the products. To fill the book, you need:
2 gimme brows (Buying for yourself? Get two of the same shade. Never hurts to stock up!)
1 brow zings
1 high brow
This comes to £78. But in reality, any £65 spend will get you one - if you're fast enough!
It's the perfect gift. I'm not sure about you, but if someone got me this, they'd be firmly in my good books (excuse the pun!).
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Here's to #wowbrows all year round!


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  1. Super work or formal wear and I can definitely see it working outside the office too <3
    fashion model // Watch here


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